Sores can be really painful at times and it looks extremely embarrassing to scratch your head in front of someone else. Normally, sores are not really harmful and can go away on their own. But sometimes they are caused due to some infection inside or as a symptom of another disease.

When to worry?

Consult your doctor if:

  • Shape, color, or size of the sores changes
  • Sores do not heal or last more than 2 weeks
  • If the sores are recurring

Let’s have a look at some of the major causes of sores and how to get rid of scalp sores.

1.   Seborrheic Dermatitis

It is also known as dandruff which can cause flaking and itching on the scalp. White or yellow patches of dry skin appear on the hair.

It is not contagious and exact causes are unknown. You can treat it by using different shampoos and ointments designed for it. Make sure that ingredients like salicylic acid, Pyrithione Zinc, and selenium sulfides are there in such shampoos.

2.   Scalp Ringworm

This is a fungal infection caused on the scalp and skin. The symptoms are scaly patches and severe itching on the head.

It is a contagious disease that is more common in children.

It can be treated by using oral anti-fungal medications like Terbinafine or by using medicated shampoos with added selenium sulfide. If not treated, it can lead to scarring and permanent hair loss.

3.   Contact Dermatitis

It is a non-contagious disease caused by an allergic reaction caused by touch. It can be caused by jewelry, beauty, and health products like hair colors, dyes, shampoos, sprays, etc.

The allergic reactions can cause sores and itching leading to scabbing, scarring, and even bleeding.

You don’t have to go for treatment immediately as it usually goes away on its own. But if it gets worse and infected then you have to consult a doctor. Be cautious of the irritant for the next time.

4.   Eczema

Sores, redness, and irritation are caused by Eczema on your scalp. When inflamed, it can spread to the face, ears, neck, and the rest of the body, too.

It is not contagious. According to some researches, it is genetically transmitted. However, the exact cause is not known.

It cannot be completely treated but it can be minimized by using medicated shampoos. Shampoos with Pyrithione zinc, tar, and Selenium sulfide.

5.   Lice

Even hearing the name of head lice makes us cringe. They do not actually cause any disease or sores directly. But they can make you itch when they move in your head. This itching can lead to sores and infection.

Lice are very contagious as they can transfer from one head to another to the people in close physical distance.

They can be treated by removing them with certain combs and specialized over-the-counter shampoos.

You should wash your bedding and clothing after the removal of lice from the head as they might also contain eggs or germs.


I hope that the above-mentioned scalp sores treatment will benefit you. There are some other complex problems like acne, shingles, and folliculitis on scalp that can cause sores. If the condition does not get better or gets worse with OTC shampoos and self-medication then reach out to a doctor immediately.

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