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Oriflame Pimple Products for Acne Prone Skin

20 Oriflame Pimple products as Cream, Lotion, Face Wash for acne prone skin

Are you looking for Oriflame Pimple products? Oriflame pimple Cream?Oriflame Pimple Lotion? Oriflame pimple face wash? oriflame pimple jell?in other words, are you want to clean your face form acne prone? so you are at right place. be calm we have solution to a problem by using Oriflame Pimple products as Cream, Lotion, face Wash for acne prone skin.

Oriflame: is a multinational cosmetic company that is working in almost 49 countries and exporting it’s products to those countries. This cosmetic brand has to develop a lot of products for skin care and skin related problem as Pimples/Acne. It has many skin care solutions and has also developed many valuable products for all kinds of skin related problems e.g. for acne, blemishes, dark spots and has developed a number of days and night creams for dry and oily skin. Here, I will show you the best oriflame products and describe them :

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Oriflame Pimple products as Cream, Lotion, Face Wash for acne prone skin


Oriflame skin care Pimple products for oily skin and acne prone :

• Oriflame pure skin scrub face wash deep action
• Oriflame Love Nature face toner tea tree
• Orflame pure skin blackhead toner deep action
• Oriflame love nature moisturizer Neem
• Oriflame pure skin shine control Cream
• Oriflame pure skin hide & treat
• Oriflame Pure skin SOS jell deep action
• Oriflame pure nature organic tea tree & rosemary purifying blemish solver
• Oriflame pure skin blackhead clearing mask
• Oriflame bioclinic Adult skin anti breakout Day/Night
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Oriflame Best Pimple Face Wash, Cream and Lotion Names with Details:
  • Oriflame pure nature organic tea tree & rosemary purifying Face cream

It is the day and night moisturizer with Tea Tree and Rosemary essential oils. Softens and helps to re-balance oily skin, fighting blemishes. Leaves skin looking healthy, hydrated and purified.

  • Essentials fairness lotion

Formulated especially for oily skin, this light formula makes the skin looking visibly brighter in 2 weeks. It contains Mulberry extract and vitamin E.

  • Essentials fairness cream SPF 8

Brightens, moisturizes and prevents from the Ultra Violet induced pigmentation. Rich formula with skin lightening complex, vitamin E. It is Suitable for all skin types

  • Essentials extra comfort cream

An intensive care moisturizer formulated especially for very dry skin. Its sweet almond oil protects and nourishes the skin while vitamin E restores moisture

  • Essentials soothing face cream

It is a very comfortable cream for dry and sensitive skin. It includes Vitamin E that helps to protect the skin from the external environment and makes the skin really very soft.  Apply day and night on the washed and cleaned face for a better and effective result.

  • Essentials revitalizing face cream

It is the lightweight cream for normal skin. Natural holly leaf makes the skin looking fresh and provides a powerful antioxidant effect. Vitamin E helps to increase skin Moisturization. Apply day and night for the better result.

  • Essentials balancing face cream

It is for both normal and oily skin. Natural Calendula has astringent and purifying properties. Vitamin E moisturizes the skin and protects from the damaging effect of free radicles. Apply daily and enjoy a good look.

  • Optimals white body lotion

It contains Liquorice Extracts + Botanical whitening complex.

It is really a valuable product of Oriflame due to its number of effective features are listed :

  • It’s Whitening.
  • It’s not greasy.
  • It’s is suitable for all skin types
  • It’s Moisturising.
  • It’s Ultra violet filters helps to reduce the effect of pigmentation.
  • Optimals White mattifying lotion

This lotion is specially formulated for oily skin and manufactured specially by using purely natural ingredients. An anti-shine agent helps to absorb sebum.

  • Optimals even out day cream SPF 20

It is a very effective and enriched formula that fights against the black spots and hyperpigmentation. It is a very high performing formula that reduces the black and dark spots and reduces the existing pigmentation.


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Note: so, we have provided you almost all Oriflame pimple/acne prone list. buy your attractive product today and save your face by acne or pimples.if you have any questions about Oriflame Pimple products as Cream, Lotion, Face Wash for acne prone skin. so please comment below we are here to solve your problem.

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