safe skin using oriflame royal velvet repairing night cream-reviews and price

oriflame royal velvet repairing night cream-reviews and price 

Skin is a most important and sensitive part of our body specially for women who use different kinds of skin care products and result their skin get fine lines pimples, and wrinkles, black spots and collagen.

Nurishing and firms get women age to 40+ easily. and every man and women known by her/his face because everyone  eyes goes first to the face and then remaining body. so safe your skin using oriflame royal velvet repairing night cream 5oML code 22814.

many of the users of royal velvet night cream review that oriflame this product is too good for skin because it reduce fine lines and wrinkles also reduce collagen and elastin breakdown because oriflame introduced hydrating formula with black Iris Infusion to improve skin.

oriflame royal velvet repairing night cream

this night cream overcome skin hydrating overnight. that’s way oriflame royal velvet repairing night cream better for skin cause it made by Iris Florentina Extract. it provide strength to your skin and provide extra ability to safe skin from dust or other particles that try to damage the skin beauty.

 oriflame royal velvet repairing night cream Reviews: 

Review By Gitata:

It has a very nice light fragrance, absorbs nicely, and in the morning you’ve got glowing, soft, and supple skin! It’s great.
Unfortunately amazon not provided it  in the US  🙁  and the price is little bit expensive as compare to other cosmetic products. But, if you use royal velvet night cream you won’t be disappointed.

Review by Chichana :

I absolutely LOVE this cream. And I have young skin (ahem, ahem,ahem), because < skin now too fresh and soft i did’t explain :p thanks oriflamefor this.

Review by Amina:

Me use this royal velve night cream first time recommended by my old friend. but after use this i am shocked this product too good.royal velvet night cream price is too high but if my skin is looking better then forget about price 🙂

Review by Qaisa:

i am using oriflame products for almost one year for different purpose. me also use royl velvet day cream. night cream also effective thanks for this oriflame. main reason is that i can manage easily this costly price product.

Basic Ingredients of oriflame royal velvet repairing night cream:

  • Black Iris Infusion

other ingredients are:


oriflame royal velvet night cream price:

this product is availbe at Many countries as like US, Pakistan, India Sweden. price is defferent in each Pakistan and india it is availbe at price 1477. and in Us $14.50.

and price

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