List of Oriflame day and night cream and oils for different kinds of skin

Oriflame day and night cream, oil List for different kinds of skin 

Are you looking for a day and night cream for your skin? is your skin is sensitive? or your skin is Oily or Dry? and you have tired by using different creams and lotion of different companies your skin is not affected by these ordinary companies’ products. so no need to worry about your skin. just try Oriflame Day and night cream and oils and check your skin progress.  now i am going to mention all Oriflame day and night creams and oils for different kinds of skin I hope you will never try again other cosmetic company product.

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Best Oriflame day and night creams and oils

1). Optimals seeing is believing multi benefits eye cream

This lightweight cream helps to reduce the puffiness around the eyes. It brightens the dark circles and darkness from around the eyes and makes the skin clear from around the eyes. It is very effective. Try this. Protect your eyes while applying.

2). Optimals white night cream

It is whitening beauty cream. Just apply it on the face for 3 to 4 weeks and enjoy the natural beauty. Apply it at night after washing the skin with face wash. Wash the face in the morning and enjoy the natural beauty without any side effect. This is a very valuable product of the Oriflame brand. Please try this one.

3). Optimals white day fluid SPF 15

It works against the ultraviolet rays that darken the skin and maybe prove dangerous for the skin. It is the best fluid for those who have very sensitive skin.

4). Optimals nutria calm day cream

It protects the skin from dust all day long. It is used in the day time and gives the sensitive skin a very delightful feeling and proves comfortable.

5). Optimals nutria calm night cream

Nourishing night cream soothes and hydrates the skin and provides the skin extra relaxation and comfort.

6). Optimals oxygen boost cream

It reduces the environmental stress on your skin and makes your skin glow. Day and night 24-hours moisturizing formula.

7). Pure Nature Organic Aloe Vera & Arnica Extract soothing face cream

It is day and night cream containing the natural aloe vera and arnica that protect, soothe and restores the balance of the skin. It makes the skin beautiful and soft. It is for all the skin types

8). Optimals matte touch Day gel Cream

It contains the microspheres that help to soak up excess sebum from the skin. Skin appears more brighten, moisturize and fresher.

9). Pure skin hide and treat

It hides the dark spots on the spot and quickly reduces the size of pimples and protects the polluted skin. Apply this if you have any type of pimples on your skin. It will help a lot to remove the pimples and will reduce your tension related skin.

10). Oriflame pure nature organic tea tree & rosemary purifying Oil

This oil can use any time especially during make-up and applied to the targeted areas on the skin. It hides your black spots and helps to dry out blemishes anytime.

11). Optimals white serum 28 Capsules

Rough skin creates a problem for many women; Optimal white serum capsules smooth your skin and brighten. Use these capsules as part of your Optimal White routine. Rich soothing capsules to help lighten and immediately smoothen the skin. Silky formulation with Liquor ice extract and Whitening makes your skin brighten and soft. Use the capsules daily to keep the skin smooth and whitening.

How to Use?

Twist the tip of the capsule and squeeze out the contents. Gently massage into face and neck until absorbed. Use daily, morning and evening, after cleansing and before applying face cream.

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